About Us

VanishedVPN PTY LTD is an Australian registered company (ABN 67614535732)

Established in May 2016, we are proudly Australian, based and operating out of Geelong, Victoria.

We are a small, agile team of professionals, who are passionate about technology, and delivering innovative solutions to our rapidly expanding customer base.

From small beginnings, we now provide services to customers across the globe, with the majority of our users on our home turf in Australia.

For support contact support@vanishedvpn.com

For sales contact sales@vanishedvpn.com

Our normal place of business is:
1/169 Ryrie St
VIC 3220

Tel: (03) 5243 4905

Why are we Australia’s favourite VPN provider ?

Check out the feedback from our customers

“I just want to say, these guys are great. They must get inundated with questions and support queries but they always get back to you. What’s more, I love that I’m supporting an Aussie business and not Optus or Netflix or some other greedy conglomerate. Supporting the little guy and getting a far greater product and service. All the best to you guys.” – Brodie – Australia

“This is just AMAZING. Netflix US works ! Thanks you so much. You have an excellent customer service and excellent client satisfaction. I wish you success guys you deserve it.” – S – Dubai

Yay!!! Love you guys! It works!!! Jeff – Australia

“Using your sports vpn to access NBC sports…much better speed and cheaper than the other VPNs” D – Australia

“I have got hotstar it worked finally thanks for everybody’s work thanks vanished people providing great service” – Denis – Australia

“Thank you Vanished VPN after months of not being able to access US Netflix i can now access it again! you da best !” – Tonia – Australia

Compared to other VPN providers, we offer the best value by far. Compare our prices (which are in AUD $) with those of our competitors, and you’ll see what we mean.

Provider Monthly subscription cost ($ AUD) Access to USA Netflix Money back guarantee for USA Netflix
VanishedVPN $11.99 Yes Yes
Express VPN $18.40 ($12.95 USD) Patchy No
Nord VPN $17 ($11.95 USD) Yes No
Cyber Ghost $17.99 Yes No
Hidemyass $16.99 No No

Our solutions are built to cater for what our customer’s want. We are continually improving and evolving based on feedback from you.

We are Australian, and most of our customers are also Aussies, so we understand what you want, and the challenges you face. For example, we received reports from our customers complaining that Telstra were throttling their Netflix connections at peak viewing times (due to lack of bandwidth), within 1 week, we had designed and implemented a solution which enabled our customers to get their full bandwidth back.

What VPN Protocols do we use

Our VPNs are optimised for speed, whilst also providing security by encrypting your Data.

We provide 2 choices:

  1. L2TP, which is commonly available as a choice in the native VPN clients on popular devices such as Smartphones and tablets
  2. OpenVPN – UDP with BF-CBC 64 bit encryption . A popular VPN solution, which can be used on most devices with either the OpenVPN client, or ther solutions such as Tunnelblick for OSX