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As the Corona virus spreads, people all over the world are becoming isolated, and VPN usage is growing at an incredible rate. In Italy, VPN usage grew by 112% from the weeks of 2-8 March to 9-15 March. People are using VPNs for security while home working, and also to access location blocked content such as USA Netflix, BBC iplayer etc. 

Vanished VPN is now available as a franchise that you can own, brand and run as your own company. This is the 1st and only VPN franchise model available in the world.

You will have access to our world leading geounblocking technology which guarantees access to streaming services like USA & UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, plus USA & UK Amazon,, and many more.

Looking to offer your customers security & privacy ? You will have access to all of our servers in over 20 countries, and as we roll out more locations, and improvements, you get these too.


Research shows that the global VPN market is set to grow from $17 Billion US in 2018 to $54 Billion US in 2024. Now is the time to get involved in this growth area.

There is a huge opportunity RIGHT NOW to enter the VPN market rapidly with your own brand.


We will provide you with a ‘VPN business in a box’ with your branding and ‘look and feel’ on your own website, with your chosen business name. You will also have the option of your own apps branded with your logo. This is an example of an existing Vanished VPN franchisee ( More details on this later …

The web site and apps then functions in exactly the same way as our own site (

All you need to do is to advertise the service to your customers, and see the revenue grow from the subscription model. We will assist you by sharing our experience in utilising advertising channels like Google Ads & Facebook.

We take care of all the back end VPN servers, which your active subscribers will have access to.


We’ve designed this to keep the setup costs to a minimum.. There are some development costs, and an initial , small purchase fee. Once you’re up and running, our forecasts show that you can break even in 8 months with as little as 2 new customers a day ! With the increase in VPN use due to the Corona virus, you could see a profit in a couple of months. Pretty good for a new business. There is no limit to the number of subscribers you can have as we have a scalable model, so the sky is the limit.


Absolutely anyone who is looking to build an online subscription based business in a growth area. Examples may include travel companies, Facebook groups for travellers or expats, IT firms, Online security organisations, Hotels, Restaurants, Sports Fan groups, Pubs & Bars, Review sites. The list is endless.


As your business grows, we charge a small fee for each active customer. In return we take care of all the running costs associated with operations and development.


Contact us now and we can give you more details.



Essential Ibiza approached us as they were looking for a VPN solution to offer to their customers. Their core business is providing reviews and tickets for expats and holiday makers in Ibiza, Dubai & Singapore. Their customers were looking for a solution for privacy and security while travelling, plus a way to bypass location blocks to access their home streaming services while travelling. Using our ‘VPN in a box’ Franchise model, we were able to provide a VPN solution in a few weeks, which tapped into our world leading VPN servers which have been developed over several years. The Essential Ibiza website is customised to their own look and feel, and aligns perfectly with their brand and sister sites.

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