UK Porn age restrictions come into force in July 2019

Governments all over the world continue to try and regulate the internet, restrict what we can view, and log our browsing history. Whether this be social media and coms blocks in China & the middle east to ISP logging in UK, USA & Australia, the world leaders are determined to undermine our web freedom.

The latest example of this is the UK age verification law for adult content. For some time now, certain ISPs in the UK have blocked access to certain adult sites unless you register with them to prove that you are over 18. This will become law in the UK from July 2019.

Whilst the purpose behind this (to protect minors from adult content) is a good idea, as usual, the execution is far from perfect. Sites & ISPs who are non-compliant may face fines of up to £250K which is a good incentive to comply, however does the average man (or woman) on the street really want to have their details stored in a database somewhere, which basically blows the whistle on them accessing porn ? I’m sure that the databases in question would be prime targets for hackers who would get their kicks out of releasing those identities into the public domain to shame the people in question (look what happened in the case of Ashley Madison data breach.)

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Protect yourself from wi-fi hacks with Vanished VPN


A new wifi vulnerability (KRACK) was discovered recently, which allows hackers to easily intercept unencrypted data (including usernames and passwords) from devices which are connected to Wifi using WPA2 security. This is a very commonly used feature. Its likely that you are using WPA2 on your home network, or public wifi.


The vulnerability allows hackers to intercept your data without you knowing, by acting as a ‘man in the middle’ as shown in the diagram above. This video demonstrates this in action, and shows just how easy it is for hackers to intercept your data (even when the user is connected via HTTPS). Full technical details of the discovery can be found here.


Any device connected to a wireless network using WPA2 security is potentially at risk. Android devices are particularly vulnerable (this includes Kodi boxes).


If a hacker was to intercept your data, they could potentially steal personal information such as usernames & passwords, and access your email, social media & bank accounts. This could result in identity theft and financial loss.


1) Use a VPN – To fully protect yourself from KRACK, and other vulnerabilities we recommend that you use VanishedVPN whenever you are connected to Wifi. VanishedVPN provides military grade encryption to ensure that your data remains safe & confidential.

2) Update your operating system – Its good practice to do this anyway, but with the current threat, most suppliers are working on updates to improve security.

3) Purchase an Invizbox 2, and run all your devices through it. This device is cable of running multiple VPNs & up to 8 wifi networks, so you can ensure that all your devices are protected.

Protect yourself from wi-fi hacks with Vanished VPN