Amazon Fire TV

How to setup the Vanished VPN App on Amazon Fire TV

Running our app on the Amazon Fire TV is a simple way to unblock the services you love including USA Netflix & BBC iPlayer.

Its simple to install. If you get stuck, follow this guide.

Firstly, search for ‘Vanished VPN’ from the Fire TV search menu.

Once you find the app, install and launch it.

Flick through the initial splash screens, until you come to the main screen with the Vanished VPN icon in the middle.

From here, click on the countries, and choose which one you wish to connect to (ie USA to unblock USA Netflix, or UK for BBC iPlayer).

Next, click on the VanishedVPN icon in the middle of the screen to connect. You will need to enter your VPN credentials. You can find these here. Note, these are case sensitive, so enter them exactly as you see them.

Once connected, the Icon will turn green. You can now go to the home screen, and choose which service you want to use (ie , fire up Netflix as usual, and you will get the USA Netflix catalogue if you have chosen to connect to the USA VPN.