How do I cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription, goto the ‘my account/ subscription ‘ section of our site, and sign in with the username (your email) and password (that you setup when you originally registered).

Click on View

Click on Cancel

Note – The password you will use is the one that you setup when you first joined , NOT the password that you use to setup your VPN client (that was emailed to you). If you have forgotten your password, click the ‘forgot your password’ link below the sign in box, and follow the instructions to get your password reset (check your spam if you don’t receive an email).

Will this let me download movies without getting caught ?

f you are attempting to download copyrighted material, it is still illegal even if you use a VPN. Our solution means that your data and identity are highly encrypted, which makes it extremely difficult for anyone to see what you are downloading. We do not condone the use of our Service for illegal activities. Please ensure that you are familiar with our terms & conditions regarding this if you need clarification.

How many devices can I have connected ?

All of our subscriptions cover you to use up to 4 separate devices at any one time. If you like the Service, and require more than 4 connections, we ask that you have a 2nd subscription. Talk to us if you are a business, and require a large volume of connections. We can provide dedicated servers to cater for this.

Whats the point ?

By using our VPN Service, you create a secure tunnel across the internet which prevents hackers from stealing your personal information. Without this, anything that you do online (email, chat, banking etc) is easily accessible to anyone with a small amount of technical knowledge.

 A VPN can also be used for unblocking content in other countries that would normally not be available to you (such as US Netflix).

Is there a data usage limit ?

No, unlike our competitors there is no limit, and we don’t throttle your connection. However if you intend to use our service for commercial purposes, please contact us so that we can discuss our Business services.

I’m not technical. Is it easy to setup ?

Yes. We’ve created a set of simple guides and videos in this knowledge base which will help you through the process. 

We suggest you start with the setup guide here, and then search for the specific device that you want to setup, and you should find instructions.

If you get stuck, you can contact us for assistance.

Is it Legal ?

Yes. Absolutely. As with your internet connection, you are responsible for how you use our Service. Check our terms and conditions for details. The Australian Prime Minister has also gone on the record to say that using a VPN Service to access Geoblocked content is not illegal. Have a look at this article by our friends at Lifehacker, which explains this in moredetail.