Save Money on Booking a Holiday

Travel websites charge you different prices by using your location to artificially inflate the price shown in your country. Using VanishedVPN you can connect to our global network of servers to get the best price available.

You could be paying less for your next booking.

Many of the top travel websites like, Expedia, Kayak and TripAdvisor use your digital location to artificially change the price you pay based on the country you are in. This practice has been used by the travel industry to charge you more for hotels, car rental, flights and many more travel related products.

Using VanishedVPN you can connect to and of our different servers around the world to find the best price for your holiday. So, you can forget about Price Comparison websites and go direct to the best websites to book the cheapest flight, hotel or anywhere that a travel company has a global site.

How do Travel Websites know which country I am in?

Travel and holiday websites use many different methods to locate the country you are in when making your booking.

  1. Cookies
    Many websites use cookies to track your activities, especially when searching for holiday bookings. Travel websites will sometimes use this data if you are performing several searches and quickly increase the price shown.
  2. Your IP address
    When connected to the internet, your IP address is a big indicator of where you are in the world.
  3. GPS
    When browsing on a mobile device websites can use your GPS location and alter the prices shown based on the country your are in.

Some useful questions and answers:

  • Can you guarantee I will save money?
    If you book car hire, hotels, guesthouses or flights you will more than likely be able to save some money when booking if you hide the location you are in at the time of booking. However, we cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you will save money on each and every booking you make.
  • Will VanishedVPN find the best deals for me?
    No, VanishedVPN is a tool you can use to connect to a website from a different country. When you choose one of our VPN servers in a different country, this will give you a chance to save money by hiding your location from a website.
  • Is using a VPN legal?
    Yes, using a VPN is legal and is recommended to ensure that your connection to the internet is secure and encrypted. VanishedVPN provides exactly that – a secure and encrypted connection to the internet. You can chose which VPN server you connect to.
  • Is this complicated to use?
    No. Once you have a VanishedVPN subscription, you can download our app to make connection to a VPN server as easy as clicking a button.

Save on

Just by connecting to our USA VPN, we’ve saved $438 USD on a week hotel booking !

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