Cricket is our favourite site for cricket coverage. Being based in India, this site has extensive coverage of everything including test matches, IPL and even Aussie Big bash.

For the 2018 IPL, Hotstar is improving its coverage with a skill-based game, Watch’NPlay will allow IPL viewers to test their cricket knowledge and expertise along with millions of other users simultaneously tuned into the match. Fans will be able to provide running commentary on player performance and strategy, with a chance of winning a prize. There will also be an immersive virtual reality experience which will allow fans to choose camera angles. carries a mixture of free and ‘premium’ content (which costs under $4 AUD per month). For this you also get full access to EPL, Bundesliga, premium films and HBO (including Game of thrones, Westworld etc). Check out our guide here which shows how to sign up for premium.

Another Indian site which also provides good coverage is

Connect to both of these sites via our via Sport or India VPNs 

If you are travelling outside Australia, and you want to access home coverage of cricket on Channel 9, simply connect to our Aus VPN ( and you will have access to 9Now