How to change which VPN your Invizbox is connected to

This article will show you how to switch VPNs on your Invizbox. For this example, we will switch from USA to UK.

  • Login to the administration interface (
  • You should see the status screen showing which VPN the Invizbox is currently connected to
  • Click ‘choose location’
  • On the next screen, click the dropdown menu under ‘choose country’ and click the new location you want the VPN to connect to (UK in our example).
  • Click ‘save & apply
  • You should see a couple of messages, and then finally a message saying ‘successfully applied changes’
  • Click the status button at the top of the left hand menu to go back to the status screen
  • After a couple of seconds the Invizbox status should go green, and your new location should be showing.
  • You are now connected to the new VPN.

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