How to override the location detection in Chrome Browsers

Some sites have started to check your location using your browser location settings, and will not play content until you enable location. This can cause a problem if you are using a VPN to unblock content from another location.

This is how to overcome this using the Chrome browser. For the example below, we want the browser to tell the web site that we are in a USA location.

Open Chrome, and install this plugin from the Chrome store.

When its installed, click on the blue pin that should now appear on the top right on the browser, and enter a US co-ordinate, tick the on/off box, and click SAVE 

We used :

Latitude 39.96

Longditude -75.16

You can check this is working by going to this site

Ensure that you are connected to the the VanishedVPN USA servers

Then navigate to the streaming site that you want to access, and the content should be available

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