Easily connect your wireless devices like Smart TV, ATV, Playstation, Xbox etc to VanishedVPN with this mini router. Simply plug it into your modem / router, and connect your devices to the VanishedVPN wifi network, and you can access all your favourite content, and enjoy privacy and security on all of your devices.

This requires a valid Vanished VPN subscription.


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Want to easily connect your Smart TV, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation or any other wireless device to your VPN ? Here’s the answer. Simply plug this box into your modem, and connect to the new wireless network, and enjoy safe browsing , and unblocked content via VanishedVPN.

We supply the Invizbox preconfigured with your VPN details and ready to go. Simply plug it in, and connect.

This smart little box allows you to easily switch between VPN’s so whether it US Netflix, BBC iplayer, Sling TV or simply safe and secure browsing you want, all your wireless devices can connect, and you can watch the content anywhere.

Don’t be fooled by the size, this mini router packs a lot of power, including:

  • 580 mhz processor
  • Wireless 802.11n 2.4 GHz 300Mbps
  • Lan / Wan port
  • DDR RAM 64MB
  • Remote management / updates
  • Pre-configured with your VPN credentials, just plug it in and connect

Want to watch the footie when you’re in Bali ? The Invizbox is perfect for traveling. Just plug it into your hotel room network, and connect your devices to Vanished VPN to keep yourself safe from hackers and identity thief, plus easily accessing content which would normally be blocked.

This device can even be used as a wifi extender, and includes ad blocker, and TOR mode.

This device does not include a modem. You will need a separate modem (normally supplied by your ISP).

In order to maintain a VPN, we recommend that your internet speed is over 10MBPS. If your speed is below this, please contact us to discuss before buying this device.

Postage. $15 AUD. Estimated delivery time – 6 working days.

“This is great innovation and the perfect solution for an Apple TV. It could not be easier to set up, up and running in under a minute. I highly recommend it”.

– Richard B – NZ

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