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Welcome to Vanished VPN. Your subscription allows for up to 6 devices to be connected simultaneously.

The easiest way to setup your VPN is to use our apps if you have a compatible device. Simply download the app, and enter your VPN credentials when prompted. Choose a location and click the tick to connect / disconnect.

To setup on other devices, check out our setup guides and support site for tutorials.

We support OpenVPN & L2TP VPN protocols. For L2TP you will need to enter a server name from the list on the righthand side. You will also need to enter a ‘shared secret, which is happiness

If you are looking to play unblocked content (like USA Netflix) on a Smart TV or media device (like AppleTV, Roku, PS4 etc), we strongly recommend purchasing one of our Invizbox mini routers. You simply plug this device into your modem / router, and then connect your smart TV or Media device to the new wireless network that will appear, and it will then be running over the VPN (USA by default, but can be changed), and you will be able to access unblocked content (like USA Netflix, BBC iplayer). We supply the device configured with you VPN credentials, ready to just plug in.

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VanishedVPN Servers

Server name
Use for Examples
Unblocking US content (Netflix, Hulu), ESPN+
USA TV channels (NBC, CBS, Starz, Vudu, Sling TV etc)
Unblocking UK content (Netflix, BBC iPlayer,, NOW TV, Sky GO, Channel 4 etc)
Secure browsing, Access to Aus channels while travelling outside Australia (Foxtel Go, Plus 7, 9 Now, Ten Play). Access to Aus to avoid throttling by your ISP
P2P & Bit Torrent – These servers are based in a location where the laws on Bit Torrent are liberal. Bit Torrent is disabled on all other servers., , News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming , News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming , News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
SuperSport, News, TV, Video Streaming
DutchTV, Sports, Video Streaming
Taiwan News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
Turkish News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
DAZN,, News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
Italian News, TV, Sports, Video Streaming
New Zealand

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