How to Watch Gangs of London for free

Gangs of London is an awesome new drama featuring Peaker Blinders Joe Cole. Set in Modern day London, this 9 part series is being described as what a TV Series made by Guy Ritchie would look like. Quite simply, if you like modern day Gangster movies, this is for you.

Gangs of London aired on Sky in the UK on the 23rd April, and all 9 episodes of season one are available to binge watch on Sky’s online service, now. Nowtv is normally only available in the UK, but by using VanishedVPN, you can bypass the location block, and watch for free from anywhere in the world.

How to watch Gangs of London for free has a free 7 day trial, so you just need to sign up, and you’ve got 7 days to watch for free. After that , the subscription costs 8.99 per month. You can cancel at anytime, and just create a new account with a different email etc if you want to continue for free.

Here’s how:

  1. Sign up for a VanishedVPN subscription of you don’t already have one (we have a 7 day money back guarantee ).
  2. Setup your device, and connect to our UK VPN servers
  3. Head to, and select the ‘entertainment’ bundle
  4. Click through to the checkout to start the free trial. You will need a UK address. We suggest that you google a UK hotel and use this.
  5. Head to the ‘Gangs of London’ page, and start binge watching this awesome drama.

Once you’re connected to the UK VPN, why not also check awesome amount of free content available on BBC iplayer, including Killing Eve, Top Gear, Fleabag, Gavin & Stacey & much more.

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