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How to watch Amazon Prime Video

Boasting 80 million subscribers and counting, Amazon Prime is available in many countries. But its Prime Video service is only accessible to users in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Still, the best of Amazon Prime’s uber-popular video streaming service mostly remains a privilege of U.S.-based subscribers.

The problem with Amazon Prime is its U.S. repositories are different from its libraries available from elsewhere due to copyright regulations. Copyright laws are country-specific, you see. Even if you subscribe to Amazon Prime in the U.S., you lose the right to stream Prime’s videos when you are on a foreign soil.

Prime’s geo-blocked libraries are a real turn-off to many U.S. expats and tourists because, being honest paying subscribers, they get locked out of their service.

How to Stream Amazon Prime Video from Outside the U.S.

By connecting to the VanishedVPN USA servers,  you get a U.S. IP address. That way, you appear as if coming from the U.S. to Amazon and can stream your favorite videos (including many titles for free that are chargeable in other territories)

Simply follow these instruction:

  1. Sign up for a VanishedVPN subscription if you don’t already have one (we have a 30 day money back guarantee) & configure your device using our setup guides.
  2. Connect to our USA VPN
  3. Sign up for a USA Amazon Prime account, and go to to enjoy the wide selection of content.

Here’s an example of how we saved the $14.99 hire fee for Mission impossible – Fallout by connecting to the Vanished VPN USA servers with the same Amazon account. Reload the page, and the $14.99 disappears, and we could watch the film for free. Magic !

Mission Impossible – Fallout connected to USA VPN – Free 

Same film while located in Australia – $14.99

Using a VPN is completely legal. It is not going to get you in trouble with authorities.

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