More servers in more countries

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy launching new servers in even more countries, and now you can access all of these with your existing Vanished VPN subscription. We’ve now added VPNs in France, Spain, Switzerland, India, Korea, South Africa & Italy.

Connecting to these VPNs will allow you to unblock channels and websites in each country.

We will be publishing guides on what’s available in each country, but for now, why don’t you check out or in India (connect via the India VPN). Both of these sites provide a lot of TV, Film & Sport content, which is either free, or available with a cheap subscription.

The Korea VPN allows access to some region locked and early release MMO games (more on this to come).

All OpenVPN config files for these new VPNs are available in the ‘my account’ section of our site. For L2TP VPN users, just use the following server name format which the appropriate country name. For example ,

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