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How to watch (including Premium)

This guide will show you how to access from outside of India. We will also show you how to sign up for the premium service if you don’t have an Indian phone number.

What is Sonyliv ? is an Indian site which carries premium Sport . This site has live streams of Boxing, UFC, Champions league football, Europa League, Cricket & much more.

Usually, this site is blocked if you are outside of India, but by connecting to our India VPN servers, you can remove the block, and access the content for free.

How to access from Outside India

By connecting to the VanishedVPN India servers,  you get an Indian IP address. That way, thinks you’re in India, and you can access the content

Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for a VanishedVPN subscription if you don’t already have one (we have a 30 day money back guarantee) & configure your device using our setup guides.
  2. Connect to our India VPN & goto to view non premium content

Increasingly, sonyliv is making sporting content part of its Premium package. Premium only costs 499RP (Approx $10 per year), however, they have tightened up by requiring a code to be sent to an Indian mobile as part of the purchase.

Don’t worry though, we have a way around this. If you visit this seller on Fiverr, she will complete the registration process for you for a small fee. She has agreed to offer this Service for Vanished VPN Customers.

Using a VPN is completely legal. It is not going to get you in trouble with authorities.

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